About us

Management Team

  • Mr. Chiu Jen-yi, chairman

    Cofounder of the company and MBA of National Taipei University, Mr. Chiu Jen-yi, with over 30 years of corporate management experience, specializes in the development and processing of various functional new materials. He was granted Kuokuang medal of 2007 National Invention Award, as well as honorary doctorate degree by Golden State University of the U.S.


    After stints at Nan Ya Plastics and Chunglien Bedding, Mr. Chiu became a startup founder, having set up 50 companies, 20 of which still in operation, which span a wide range of businesses, including chemical engineering, textile, ceramic, agriculture, health, art, and medicine. Leading the company's professional team, Mr. Chiu aspires to make substantive contribution to the development of Taiwan's homegrown new medicines before his retirement.

  • Dr. Chen Han-min, vice chairman/general manager

    Cofounder of the company, Dr. Chen Han-min has over 20 years in the research of biomedicine, specializing in biochemistry and enzyme chemistry. He is well versed in the production of monoclonal antibodies and medicine development via the approach of systems biology. In 2010, Dr. Chen developed ENERGI pharmaceutical technology platform, featuring the use of small molecule compounds in activating AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK), so as to adjust metabolism and thereby boost ATP, akin to cell energy, for the cure of diseases. Up to now, Dr. Chen has publicized over 50 SCI papers and obtained more than 10 patents, in addition to serving as reviewer for renowned international academic journals, such as Proteomics and Journal of Proteome Research.

    After obtaining a doctorate degree in agricultural chemistry from National Taiwan University, Dr. Chen served as a postdoctoral researcher at the division of hematology and oncology, the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, affiliated with the University of Southern California, before returning to Taiwan to teach at Fu Jen Catholic University, where he has experienced such stints as the director of the Biophotonics Center and deputy dean of the College of Science and Engineering and is now professor jointly appointed by the Department of Life Science and the Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering.

  • Dr. Lin Chun-tsai, vice president and director of the IP Division

    An initial member of the R&D team of Energenesis Biomedical, Dr. Lin Chun-tsai has over 10 years of medical R&D experience, specializing in the screening and R&D of small-molecule pharmaceuticals for such diseases as liver cancer and neurodegenerative disease, for which he has publicized a number of papers and obtained multiple pharmaceutical patents. Dr. Lin is mainly responsible for formulating the development strategy for new medicines, patent deployment and IP management, and the development and production of dosage forms of trial drugs. With a doctorate degree from the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry, National Taiwan University, Dr. Lin previously served at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, where he took part in the R&D for new medicines for Huntington's disease.

  • Chen Li-min, vice president and director of the Biotech Service Division

    With 20 years of experience in the marketing and sales of sci-tech products, Mr. Chen Li-min specializes in the marketing of equipment for experimental reagents and biomedicine project service and value addition and commercialization of biotech products.


    With a bachelor degree in agricultural chemistry from National Taiwan University and a master degree from National Chung Hsing University, Mr. Chen Li-min founded Visual Protein Biotechnology Corp. in 2005 and has abundant industrial experience, with such stints as manager of Genmedika Biotechnology, manager of Viogene BioTek Corp., and marketing specialist of Uni-Onward Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Chiang Ming-tsan, vice president and director of the General Administrative Division

    With over 20 years of financial management experience, Mr. Chiang Ming--tsan specializes in financial management, capital market, and financial planning, having assisted many companies in entering capital market and fund raising, on top of abundant experience helping companies with share listing, either on the centralized or the OTC markets. His cross-border financial management experience is conducive to him helping the company formulate strategy and cut corporate risk.


    With a master's degree in finance from Fu Jen Catholic University, Mr. Chiang boasts abundant industrial experience, with stints at the IPO division of Taiwan International Securities, the financial division of Action Electronics, the financial division of Good Way Technology, and the equity investment division of Fuyi International Group, where he was in charge of financial management, assistance for several companies in share listing, and capital-market planning.

  • Dr. Young Guang-huar, director of the Scientific Research Division

    With over 10 years of medical R&D experience, Dr. Young Guang-huar specializes in the R&D of medicines related to proteomics and metabolic diseases, having publicized dozens of papers in those fields, on top of being a party-time editor of the Journal of Nephrology Research. Joining Energenesis Biomedical in 2014, Dr. Yang is in charge of cellular and animal-model certification for preclinical test.


    With a doctorate degree from the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry, National Taiwan University, Dr. Young served at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, and the Department of Surgery, National Taiwan University Hospital, for postdoctoral research, when he took part in the Taiwan alliance for nephrosis clinical test, under the auspices of the National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals, on top of being a technological consultant to the MediaTek-National Taiwan University Innovative R&D Center.

  • Dr. Cheng Yi-fang, director of the Clinical Medicine Division

    With over 10 years of medical R&D experience, Dr. Cheng Yi-fang specializes in the R&D on nucleic-acid medicines for various targeted therapies for cancer, having publicized a number of papers in this field. Joining Energenesis Biomedical in 2013, Dr. Cheng has taken in part in the R&D on medicines for multiple indications related to diabetes foot ulcer, abnormal hair loss, and cancer, in addition to take charge of application, planning, and management for clinical test.


    With a doctorate degree from the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry, National Taiwan University, Dr. Yang served at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, when she took part in the R&D on new nucleic-acid medicines for colon cancer and non-small-cell lung carcinoma.

  • Ms. Huang Li-hua, vice president for accounting

    With over 30 years of experience in accounting, Ms. Huang specializes in the establishment and improvement of accounting flow and taxation planning. Her abundant experience in cross-border accounting and taxation affairs, mainly for manufacturing industry, is conducive to her helping the company enhance the efficiency of financial/accounting flow.


    Graduating from Taipei Business Junior College, Ms. Huang served at Good Way Technology Co., Ltd. for near 20 years, when she oversaw the establishment of the company's Dongguan plant, Kunshan plant, and Shanghai office in mainland China,  as well as share listing on the OTC market and the revision of internal-control system.

  • Ms. Chang Hsin-wen, auditing manager

    With years of auditing experience and a CPA license, Mr. Chang specializes in helping enterprises with IPO, establishment of internal-control system, auditing, and taxation inspection.


    With a master degree from National Taipei University of Business, Mr. Chang served at Deloitte Taiwan, when he helped Hycon Technology (stock code 6457) with public share offering and share listing on the OTC market and offered consulting service to other domestic customers for financial and taxation affairs.